Sunday, December 18, 2011

Train Ride

A recap, for the week. I wound up going to Montreal. It's a gorgeous city, for the record, but I don't have any pictures from there. There are two reasons for this. Winter decided to finally get it's game in fucking gear and bit down hard with a cold snap, and I wasn't fucking around outside with the sun going down in a city I wasn't familiar with in the fucking cold without any fucking gloves. That is the requisite run-on sentence for this post. Long story, as to why I was in Montreal, but it's always nice to be out of the house with company. I'm not exactly a fucking social butterfly.

As for my plans. I've got a five hour train ride to Toronto tomorrow, and this time I'm actually going to take pictures as I go. I could liveblog the whole trip when we stop at a station, if I had a mind to. I'm also going to finish my Blair Witch Liveblog tomorrow on the trip, and finally get around to resuming watching those hilariously bad videos.

TL;DR? G0t my shit packed, and I'm getting the fuck out of here for a while.

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