Saturday, February 4, 2012

I'm alive. That's good news right? Ha. Ha ha.
Found this on the tumblr.

Looking more and more likely that Miranda has the camera.

The first one is from the woodlot, for certain.
I don't know about the other one. "Smile".
Yeah right. Fuck you Mir.

I've still got a little crappy point-and-shoot that Miranda left behind. I'll see if I can't get some use out of it.
I'll give the Ottawa transit system one thing. It has heated bus terminals. Lifesaver.
She's not at her house. I checked. There might have been a broken window involved. I'm not quite sure, you know? I think, that this is in order.

My name is Robin Smith.
You might know me. I spent some time trolling a few blogs. No, this isn't a fucking apology.
No, I'm not asking for your fucking sympathy. Take it elsewhere, I've got no fucking use for it.
I'm not writing this for me. I'm writing this because of her.
I have a friend. Girl named Miranda. She's missing, probably running like me. She was acting weird, before.
I didn't really mention it. Kind of regret that now.

She's about 5'7'', dirty blonde hair, dyed brown the last time I saw her. Short, sort of a pixie cut. Nose piercing.

If you see her? Drop me a line.

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  1. Must we continue like this 'Mr. Smith'?
    I am entirely willing to help you, but you seem unwilling to accept the offer.