Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Note to self

Learn to land properly. My ankle is fucking killing me.

Stopped last night for a few minutes to grab something to eat. Someone was waiting by the car when I came out. So I avoided the car. Went for a bit of a walkabout. This feels... flat. It's not quite what I'm used to. Lot more buildings in Toronto, even downtown Ottawa had build-up. Highrises, that sort of thing. 
The walk didn't end well.

Whoever was watching my car had friends. Never really got a good look at 'em.

Running, you can hear their feet hitting the pavement behind you, but that's alright. Two? No, maybe three. Hard to tell.

They aren't far now. You don't have to be faster, not the whole time, just fast enough. Have to be smarter.

There's a fence, jump over it, swing the legs up. Like running away from that dog that lived nearby. You had to walk past it after school. Remember when it broke it's lead and came after you? Just like that. Over the fence.

Keep running, they're still on you, did you think it was going to be easy? Hard left, down the street. Cars coming from both directions, hard right, through the street. Mind the traffic now boys.

Now quickly, up over the fence between those houses. Make them work for it.

Oh shit. Dog. Move fast, keep going. Maybe he'll slow them down, another fence. Up and over it one more time. Almost in the clear now.

Fuck, ditch. Stick the landing, roll.

Pain, shake it off. Your ankle doesn't hurt that much. Sounds like the dog is dealing with one of them. Just get back up. Fuck.

Lost your footing there. Bottom of the ditch now. More pain. Shoulder this time. Not going to be easy. Alright, running isn't exactly a fucking option at this point. Hide. There's a culvert over there. Climbing out will take too long.

Looks like they're gone. Lucky bastard. Now, just need to get back to the car. Have some people to talk to.

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