Friday, November 25, 2011

T+ 24 Hours

So, day one without caffeine.

I got up around usual time, class from ten to four. First problem was that I was falling alseep halfway through that. The second problem was the looming assignment deadline. That was nice. Had to get that one finished.

The cold is what's doing it though, I think. If you'd asked me to go without caffeine in the summer, I'd have said I needed it because of having to get up early and work, but really it was because the door I sat next to pretty much belched arctic air out at me all day. It could be 30+ degrees (celsius) outside and I'd be at the counter, wrapped up in a blanket. The cold is going to be a killer.

Getting off topic though. Stumbled into bed around two in the morning after forcing myself to stay up and finish an assignment. Got up at six again to polish it off, class at nine, another assignment downtown this afternoon and then? Weekend. I want my bed again already. Bluh...

So, today's official action plan? No caffeine, stay warm. Maybe, I don't know, herbal tea or something?

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