Saturday, January 28, 2012

its reel real I mean it's really all actually FUCK fuck fuck fuck fuck

it took an hour to calm the fuck down relatively fucking speaking

there doesn't seem to be much point in beating around the bush so let'ss out with it
the fckuing fucking Slender man
feel like someones replaced my bones with bits of lead pipe
rusty spiky frozen fucking jgagged bits of lead pipe
sososoooso much fucking running running like you would not believe
i was out  taking photos
no you wont see these ones
iive deleted them

fFuck okay where was i it shard to type im still fucking shaking its been five hooours and im still fukcing shaking WHHat tthe fuck the woods righ was out at that woodlot snaaappign some pphotos and i was looking at one of the treees look im trying not to wax peotic here but... worrds dontt exactly work rhigt i cant do 'just the fucking facts'''

needd ot warm up

How did that take an hour? How the fuck.
An hour to calm my fucking hands down.
Going to regret punching the wall. pathetic
Keep fuckng writing dumbass. The tree?

It's an odd looking tree. I've tried getting photos of it before, but they don't turn out well. Its fucking annoying because I can see what the photo should look like but it never comes out quite right and i'm getting stide tracked. No sense in not trying again though, right? So the camera comes up, viewfinder to the eye. And, in the space between where I see the tree directly, and where I start looking through the lens somewhere in that moment

It doesn't make any fucking sense.

I can't explain it. I don't suppose there's a point in even fucuking trying to explain it. In that blink of an eye, where before there's nothing but empty space between me and the tree? He's right fucking there. Out of fucking nowhere. It's not like someone just stepped out from behind a fucking tree, there's not enough fucking cover. Not with the fucking leaves off and... fuck.

Doing better with this calming down thing now. Only took thirty minutes. Where the fuck were we?

Right. There he is. And it's just... cold. There's nothing to read off of. No body language, no facial expression. Like a fucking dressmaker's mannequin. Like trying to get an expression out of a fucking tree. The temperature drops, just for an instant. The kind of cold that takes the breath right out of you when you try to get your breath.

I wonder, if this is how an animal feels when it finds itself in front of something more dangerous? Every bit of me starts screaming to get the fuck out of there but my legs dont move. icant fucking move. I blink. He it moves. Moves isn't the right word. Moving implies... something. Action. This was like... moving, without action. He's simply there. Closer now. Shaking, it feels like my legs are about to give out. And the cold... like having ice in your veins. Flowing, ice.

Click. The shutter on the camera. Did I psuh it?

Doesnt matter. The cold is gone. Broken. I can run. Right into the street. Don't know how I didn't get hit by a car. I didn't stop. Couldn't stop. Like... a big spring that someone had wound all the way up. Not until I was warm. Still not warm. Suppose I should keep running.


    God, are you ever STUUUPID! I'm fucking laughing my ass off over here! Not so nice when someone is a jackass to YOU, is it?

    1. Well look at who the fuck it is. High and fucking mighty Mr. Richard fucking Battle. All his friends died in the fucking woods so he doesn't have to give a fuck about people, right? Well, I hear tell that the tall bloke in the suit can't get you out on the water. How's about you test that Ricky?

      Go take a long walk off of a short fucking pier.

  2. I hate to use this as an opportunity to advertise, but you look like you may need some help in the near future. I'm willing to overlook some of your prior...arrogance, if you find yourself in need of medical supplies or treatment. All I ask for as payment is for you to allow me to examine you and take a medical history. If you need something with a little firepower, or anything else a bit more dangerous, you can take it up with my boss.

    And I can solemnly promise, no taunts, no "I told you so"s. At least if I'm the one doing the delivery. I can't speak for my colleagues.